“Obama Alien Defense”

Armed with nothing but a laser gun and hope, it’s up to Obama (you) to save America from alien invasion. Jump and run around, wielding a weighty laser-type weapon, evading the enemies and finding the elusive Presidential Coins. With several species of aliens threatening our freedom, there’s no end to the fun you and Obama can have defending our nation.

Play at tinyurl.com/playobamaaliendefense


“Rolley!” is, in a word, ballin’. Roll around a grid of blue squares, trying to turn them all gold. But as you roll over them a second time, they turn blue again (oh no!). Combining this strategy with bombs and lasers makes for a fast-paced, aesthetically simple experience perfect for getting mindlessly distracted. Some levels can even be challenging! Ballin’!

Play at tinyurl.com/playrolley

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