“Memory Matrix”

“Memory Matrix” will test both your abilities of spatial recall and your abilities to waste time. You’re shown a pattern of red squares on a grid for only a few seconds, then asked to recreate it yourself. As you progress, both the grid size and the number of red squares increase. But for a game that merely asks you to remember something, “Matrix” is surprisingly addictive.

Play at tinyurl.com/play-memory-matrix

“The Company of Myself”

You’re a tiny pixilated man in what may or may not be an 8-bit suit — it’s hard to tell. This simple level-based platformer comes with a pretty cool twist: To get through several levels, you will need to create copies of yourself and run them through the levels in very specific patterns. The game is sadly short, and the ending is ridiculous, but the cool premise and style make it well worth plaything through once.

Play at tinyurl.com/play-the-company-of-myself

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