Ice Breaker

Your Viking companions are stuck inside the ice, and you have to cut them free. Through 40 levels, it’s up to you to figure out how to use 30 cuts or fewer to get your frozen friends back into your boat. Prepare to encounter fuzzy monsters, tricky levers, obese women in lederhosen and much more. While there may not be any opportunities to burn or pillage, “Ice Breaker” is a worthwhile Viking adventure with challenging puzzles and a cute graphical style.

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The gameplay in “Time4Cat” is nothing particularly new: Dodge the pedestrians while collecting food. Frogger anyone? The new strategy element to this game is that the pedestrians only move when you move (part of your time-control powers), allowing you to pull off some intricate dodges. The game is also stylistically cool; it somehow feels futuristic and edgy despite its minimal graphics. Definitely play with sound if possible, as the music and pedestrian chatter bring the whole experience together.

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