In this manic side-scrolling racer, winning isn’t the only objective. By executing a variety of stunts and challenges, you can unlock up to 20 playable characters and 26 tracks across six different worlds. Also, wins and other accomplishments earn you money, which can be spent on bicycle upgrades. Pull off some crazy tricks in the midst of a race to trigger your racer’s boost and blow away the motley cast of characters against whom you’re racing.

Play at tinyurl.com/playcyclomaniacs


If you’re looking for a less embarrassing reason to say “I lasted 84 seconds,” try “Multitask.” Balancing a ball on a platform: easy. Doing so while playing three other games at the same time: Dear God no please make it stop! “Multitask” gradually introduces four tasks, forcing players to manage multiple sets for as long as they can last. What starts as a walk in the park turns quickly into a run through hellfire in this deceptively difficult, undeniably addictive game.

Play at tinyurl.com/playmultitask

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