“Cave Chaos”

It’s dark, you’re fuzzy and you better fuckin’ run! As you scamper frantically through the dark caverns of “Cave Chaos,” bats fly in front of you, platforms rising below them. But beware; as you follow the bats, the platforms behind you start to fall apart. Have fun jumping and waddling your way through this time-trial adventure.

play at tinyurl.com/playcavechaos

“Huje Tower”

This tower is huje! That is to say, it’s made of little red fellows called hujos. Build up your precocious, smiling tower to the dotted line and everyone will be happy. Let the hujos fall and watch as lots of tiny angels ascend to the sky, which would be a cute sight if it weren’t also a sign that you suck. Despite the childish appearance, the game poses a real, engaging challenge.

play at tinyurl.com/playhujetower

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