“The Bouncy Challenge”

In “The Bouncy Challenge,” you are tasked with careening a little red bouncy pall through a tricky maze as quickly as possible. Medals are awarded based on how fast and in how few clicks you can beat each level, so there’s always another goal to strive for. Sometimes quite easy, sometimes frustratingly difficult, the game averages out to a simple, happy medium.

Play at http://tinyurl.com/playthebouncychallenge

“Chuck a Boom”

In a world where bombs are bouncy and everything sparkles with the joy of life, “Chuck a Boom” challenges us to combine timing and technique in a blow-it-all-up bash. Throw bombs to and fro, attempting to explode your quota of stars. Cannons, walls and other funky items add strategy to an already cute and challenging creation.

Play at ttp://tinyurl.com/playchuckaboom

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