The website for game developer 5th Cell’s next title “Hybrid” is Well the real question is, “What is going on over at 5th Cell?” Not to say “Hybrid” looks like its going to be particularly flawed or anything, but it’s a vast departure from 5th Cell’s recent games — namely, the addictively simple “Drawn to Life” and “Scribblenauts” franchises.


5th Cell

The teaser trailer offers little gameplay, but the graphics exceed the common expectations for a downloadable game. And the dark, brooding voiceover feels straight out of a “Deus Ex” trailer, which is just about the best compliment it could be given.

Now, 5th Cell has done this kind of game before a while back, but while they were busy making games for people who like drawings, nouns and adjectives, others were making games for people who like shooting — games “Hybrid” resembles strikingly. The war against the variants sounds suspiciously like the fight against the splicers of “BioShock.” If genetic modification is 5th Cell’s twist, it’ll be too little too late. But let’s just take a moment to celebrate that there are developers out there capable of catering to both the casual and hardcore gamers.

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