Members of the University Galens Medical Society will continue a 74-year tradition today and tomorrow by collecting money for Washtenaw County children”s charities.

“Very few charities can report that 100 percent of funds go directly to their cause we can and I think that is part of the reason we are so successful,” said Victoria Blinder, a fourth-year Medical student who helped organize the annual event.

Since 1927, University students, alumni and community members have collected money to promote children”s health in the Washtenaw County area. During each year of the last decade, they have collected almost $75,000. “We hope to match that figure this year,” Blinder said.

The money has been used for many projects, including to build the Ronald McDonald House on campus, to support family crisis centers and summer camps for disadvantaged children as well as for youth anti-smoking programs.

“Most of the money we raise goes directly to Mott Children”s Hospital, but we do allot small portions to help fund other local children”s charities, such as psychiatric counseling for children at risk,” said Blinder.

Society Members started tagging this morning at 6 a.m. and will continue, in shifts, until 7 p.m. The group will continue tagging through Midnight Maddness on Friday night, said Karen Fauman, a second-year Medical student and co-chair of Tag Days” schedule committee. “And we”ll be back at 7 a.m. on Saturday morning as well.”

“Every year I look forward to the Tag Days because we all get together to help local children,” Blinder said. “All of the money we raise goes to help children in Washtenaw County it all stays here.”

Fauman said she is looking forward to tagging for sick children.

“Our professors drive “happy vans” to bring us hot chocolate and food donated from local restaurants and to collect the money,” Fauman said. “It”s really great to see everyone getting involved for such a great cause.”

“Our fundraiser is the main source of funding for the Child Life Programs at Mott Hospital,” said Blinder. “The Child Life Programs are an important part of the children”s medical stays. With the money we raise, the children are able to play with toys, do art projects, listen to music, and generally have a more positive hospital visit.”

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