As the 2002-2003 Michigan Student Assembly representatives and officers ended their tenure with farewell addresses, flowers and banter, a newly-elected group was inducted in their place.

In a bustling MSA chambers last night, the assembly held its traditional “In and Out Meeting.” MSA President Sarah Boot inaugurated President-elect Angela Galardi and Vice President-elect Monique Perry into their executive officer positions for the upcoming fall and winter terms. Joining Galardi and Perry on the assembly are 25 representatives from the Students First Party, the University Party and the Defend Affirmative Action Party.

While veterans of the assembly welcomed the new representatives, they admonished them to shelve their party allegiances and personal agendas in order to best represent students.

“There is no space in MSA for personal vengeance,” LSA Rep. Darth Newman said. “We can’t allow self-aggrandizing notions to distort and twist our actions in this room.”

“A leader never furthers their own agenda before thinking about other students,” former LSA Rep. Sarra Nazem said.

After the old representatives filed out and their replacements sat down for their inaugural meeting, the assembly proceeded with its normal business of approving minutes and hearing constituent speakers.

But one representative’s remarks recalled the mudslinging of the campaign. Asking each of his fellow University Party representatives to stand before the assembly, LSA Rep. Paul Scott used speaking time to deny accusations of racism generated against the U Party during the campaign.

“(The rumors) are not true, they’re not true about any of us,” he said. “Give them (the U Party representatives) a shot on this assembly.”

Citing her desire to unite the assembly, Galardi said representatives must look past their ideologies in order to fulfill their roles on MSA.

“The number one way to get that all done is to leave your baggage at the door,” she said.

Incoming representatives felt similarly, adding they were eager to begin projects.

“I personally knew some of the people running and reintroduced myself to them,” newly-elected LSA Rep. Rachel Fisher said. “There’s no reason why we can’t meet people from the other parties. Some of us have the same campaign promises, so there is no reason not to work together.”

Fisher added that her objectives for the upcoming term include expanding Entr

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