The 20-something, moviegoing crowd had an epiphany last year. When “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” premiered, we learned two things about Jim Carrey: the typically goofy actor could handle a serious role, and Jim Carrey might actually be hot.

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Watching your own crappy movie at a theater requires a special disguise.
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Many of his new fans poured into the theaters over the holiday to feed their blossoming crushes, and instead ended up crushed because “Fun with Dick and Jane” is nothing more than a fluffy and unimaginative film.

Sure, Carrey is attractive, but the 90 minute movie feels as if it will never end and inspires none of the classic “Dumb and Dumber” or “Ace Ventura” laugh-until-you-choke moments.

The film focuses on a family of three. Dick Harper (Carrey) is promoted to Vice President of Communications the day before his company faces an Enron-esque crash. He and his wife, Jane (Tea Leoni, “Spanglish”), sell their belongings after months of unemployment, finally resorting to thievery in order to pay the bills.

One problem with the film is the way it’s been promoted. The audience comes in expecting a rip-roaring, slapstick comedy about the criminal exploits of the Harper couple. But the film takes too long to get to that point. The first half follows Dick and Jane through the loss of their jobs, the beginning of the financial crisis, then the slow – and slow is putting it mildly – descent into crime. When the narrative finally meanders its way to the robbery scenes, they are too brief and already featured in the trailers.

The film is not altogether dull, but the humorous moments are forgettable at best. Carrey is charming and goofy, as usual. Leoni delivers a funnier (and sexier) performance than you might think. But there isn’t a lot of chemistry between the characters – comedic or otherwise. The audience hoping at least for a flash of PG-13 nudity from the dually quirky, attractive leads, will be disappointed.

Ultimately, the film is merely passable holiday fare. The plot is mildly interesting. The main characters are intermittently amusing. There isn’t anything overtly objectionable about “Fun with Dick and Jane,” it’s just not all that worth watching.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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