Don’t be fooled by the persistent smell of fries, the humming and sizzling of kitchen equipment, the clicking of balls on a pool table or the loud chatter of East Quad residents – the Halfass is one of the increasingly popular music venues on campus. It may be a reliable alternative to cafeteria food during the day, but thanks to the East Quad Music Co-op, the Halfass transforms into a haven for local music every other Friday night.

Jess Cox
The Halfass, located in East Quad Residence Hall, hosts bands and musical acts every other Friday night. (TREVOR CAMPBELL/Daily)
Jess Cox
Kathryn Chalmers stands in front of the wall of records displayed in the Halfass. (PETER SCHOTTENFELS/Daily)

Located in the underbelly of East Quad, the walls of the Halfass (officially named the Halfway Inn) are covered in paintings, black and white photographs and obscure vinyl record sleeves, emanating unconventionality and eccentricity. Students lounge on weathered couches and dine on burgers, fries, falafel sandwiches and pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. And, yes, music is usually blaring.

This is the canvas of the EQMC. “We talk to bands who would draw a crowd, who already have a great audience and who deserve to have one,” said Brandon Zwagerman, the booking coordinator for the EQMC and a graduate student in Urban Planning.

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