PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) A man on the FBI”s Ten Most Wanted list for allegedly killing his wife and three children and dumping their bodies into the Pacific was captured at a beach resort in Mexico, where he was living in a grass hut, the FBI said yesterday.

Authorities tracked down former Ypsilanti Township President Christian Longo on a tip from a vacationer who met him in Mexico and then recognized his picture on the FBI”s website after she returned home to Canada, said Charles Mathews, FBI agent in charge for Oregon.

Longo, 27, surrendered peacefully to about 20 FBI agents and Mexican police Sunday night in Tulum, about 60 miles from Cancun, the FBI said.

Longo, who has a history of petty crime and debt, had been on the run since the bodies of his wife and children were found in shallow areas of the Oregon coast in December. He had been put on the Most Wanted list on Friday.

Investigators have not said how the victims died and have not given a motive for the slayings.

Longo agreed to return voluntarily to the United States, and was flown by the FBI to Houston, where he was jailed while he awaits his return to Oregon to face aggravated murder charges.

By volunteering to return to the United States, Longo apparently avoided the sometimes sticky issue of extradition from Mexico and the death penalty.

Mexico has no death penalty and does not extradite fugitives who might face a death sentence.

Lincoln County District Attorney Bernice Barnett would not say yesterday whether she will seek the death penalty.

Longo is accused in the December slayings of MaryJane Longo, 35, and their children: Zachary, 4, Sadie Ann, 3, and Madison, 2. Their bodies were found in Alsea Bay near Waldport and at a marina at Yaquina Bay at Newport.

MaryJane Longo”s father, Jim Baker of Traverse City, said he breathed a sigh of relief when he learned of Longo”s capture. Baker said the delay in catching Longo had been difficult for his other children.

“I was so busy taking care of things about my daughter that I”d pretty much blocked out thinking about him, but my kids wanted him caught. They wanted him to pay for what he did to our family,” Baker said. “I knew they”d get him eventually. I feel very good about it.”

Longo was arrested at a place described by Mathews as “a beach camp of very modest resources” in Tulum, a spot famed for its Mayan ruins.

Longo”s fate was sealed on Dec. 27, when he met a woman from the Montreal area in Cancun, according to the FBI. Longo identified himself as Brad but later said his name was Mike, Mathews said.

The Canadian woman, whose name was not released, later saw his picture on the Internet and called the FBI.

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