a method of strapping crocodile over
smooth enameled skin, freshly waxed
and tan, laundered fresh, slide the foot
slowly at first, tentatively point the big toe
wrapped in Lady Luck red and slide           
slide across the sueded bottom
with velvet of foot whose bottom
is flushed pink, embarrassed, 
red-lipstick whispers of
never-been-touched virgin skin
let the heel fall, not pop, into strappy back
crisscross cage inside unforgiving black
pinch the thin, quiet strap through the mouth
of the silver clasp, slide up inside the sheath
and violate the thinness with metallic stab
squeeze the buckle closed and release
the pressure from your fingertips
that singe like cigarettes
and flex like a full-bodied moan.

—Logan Corey is an LSA junior.

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