He may not quite know his way around campus yet, but freshman Peri Marosevic of the Michigan men’s soccer team has certainly found his way around the opponent’s net.

Jessica Boullion
Freshman Peri Marosevic leads Michigan with three goals this season. (ALI OLSEN/Daily)

Six games into the season, the newcomer looks like a veteran goal-scorer, currently leading the Wolverines with three goals.

But in terms of navigating his way through the first week of classes, Marosevic definitely dealt with some confusion.

“When we started classes last week, I had trouble finding them,” Marosevic said, blushing. “I was late to a couple of them, but the teachers understood.”

Though he is still learning the ropes as a freshman at Michigan, Marosevic is demonstrating an offensive maturity resembling an expert level.

“Peri is (certainly) not playing like a freshman,” Michigan coach Steve Burns said. “Special players make special plays. It may sound clich

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