Paul Wong

The 6-foot-3 engineering student from Kalamazoo was a preferred walk-on to the Michigan program. Touted as a defensive specialist, Harrell played linebacker and quarterback for the Central High School football team.

Nickname: T-Mac, my old teammates said I played like him

Favorite video game: “Goldeneye” for Nintendo 64

Best at video games: Daniel

Messiest roommate: I think we’re all pretty clean and neat

Biggest eater: Probably Graham, he eats a lot

Ladies man: I don’t know. I’m not going to say me though.

Best dressed: Lester

Worst taste in music: Graham. He listens to some crazy stuff.

Music before games: Gospel

Favorite NBA player: Jordan, he had an all-around game – defense, offense, everything.

Dream car: Bentley

Favorite sport besides basketball: Football

Favorite movie: “The Wiz”

Biggest trash-talker: Daniel

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