Paul Wong

The shooting guard converted to point guard has the release and speed of a Texas ranger. Horton was one of the first players to sign with Amaker and comes to Michigan as the most heralded recruit since LaVell Blanchard crossed the street in 1999, is seen by many as the future point guard of the Michigan program. Horton was named to the 2002 McDonald’s All-America and USA Basketball Junior World Championship teams after averaging more than 23 points, 4.4 rebounds and 3.7 assists his senior year.

Nickname: Sleepy

Favorite video game: “NCAA Football 2003”

Best at video games: I’m the best in the whole program at all EA Sports games. They don’t play football here like they do in Texas.

Messiest roommate: Me

Biggest eater: Graham

Ladies man: Sherrod

Best dressed: Sherrod

Worst taste in music: Graham

Music before games: None, I think about the game

Favorite NBA player: Kobe Bryant

Dream car: Escalade

Favorite sport besides basketball: Football

Favorite movie: “Training Day”

Biggest trash-talker: Me

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