Paul Wong

Tommy Amaker may have found his starting center after Hunter played a solid game in that starting role against Wayne State in the Wolverines’ opening exhibition contest. The 6-foot-11 Gary, Ind. native recorded 17 points, 11.3 rebounds and three blocks a game as a senior. He was named the Class 4A MVP in Indiana last year, and was a top 100 selection for the Michigan’s All-America game in 2002.

Nickname: Slim

Favorite video game: “NBA Live 2003”

Best at video games: It depends. Daniel’s the best at football games, but I’m the best at basketball games.

Messiest roommate: Definitely Daniel Horton

Biggest eater: Graham. At training table I have probably seen him eat about six plates. I think I once saw him eat 15 crab legs.

Ladies man: Sherrod. He’s a cool guy and a lot of people like him.

Best dressed: Sherrod again. He once wore a Burberry shirt, hat and pants.

Worst taste in music: Amadou. I don’t know what he listens to sometimes.

Music before games: Oldies like the Eisley Brothers

Favorite NBA player: Jordan

Dream car: Right now I don’t have one. Some kind of SUV, maybe an Escalade

Favorite sport besides basketball: Football and golf

Favorite movie: “Coming to America”

Biggest trash-talker: Daniel. I can’t even tell you the type of things he says.

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