It’s almost perfect imperfection. The TV show “Blind
Date” challenges for that dubious title, and the Bowl
Championship Series comes close, but when it comes to disastrous
pairing structures, the freshman dorm room takes the cake. Slamming
together polar opposites with fast-food efficiency, dorms spawn
“Odd Couple” reruns on a daily basis.

Kate Green
T.J. Hensick crashes the net against Quinnipiac earlier this season. The freshman rooms with his classmate and polar-opposite, Tim Cook.

Freshman hockey players Tim Cook and T.J. Hensick know the
dorm’s strange ability firsthand.

Cook stands at an imposing 6-foot-4, 225 pounds. The 19-year-old
defenseman from Montclair, N.J., enjoys hip-hop music and carries
an extremely boisterous personality, always running his mouth at a
rapid pace. Known as “Cookie,” he describes his style
of play as “physical.”

Hensick — a Howell native — packs his 180 pounds
into a listed height of 5-foot-10. Having fast-tracked through high
school in three years, Hensick just turned 18 in December. Known
for his quiet, no-nonsense demeanor, Hensick listens to country
music. While on the ice, the center relies on his speed.

At the beginning of the year, this duo boasting numerous
differences saddled up in the same room on the second floor of
Adams Hall in West Quad.

Cook remembers his first impression of Hensick.

“My personality is real loud and talkative, where he on
the other hand is real quiet and business-like,” Cook said.
“I didn’t know if we were going to get

But Cook’s initial uncertainty quickly proved
inconsequential, as the duo clicked right off the bat.

“We get along great,” Cook said. “So it worked
out really well.”

Hensick describes their relationship as the tightest of

“He’s more like the big brother, and I’m the
little brother — you can tell this by the height, too,”
Hensick said with a smile.

Said Cook: “I guess I just take care of him a little bit
and make sure he doesn’t get into trouble. I got two years on
him (Cook turns 20 in March), so I guess I show him the ropes a
little bit.”

Although many of their interests conflict, both Hensick and Cook
enjoy duking it out on the Playstation2, especially in NHL 2004.
Hensick takes the modest approach in regard to his skill level.

“I’m a middle-of-the-pack player,” Hensick

As usual, Cook brings the noise.

“I run (Hensick’s) show all the time,” Cook

Hensick and Cook have continued to gel, as evidenced by their
new open-mindedness in music.

“I couldn’t stand country,” Cook said.
“He would have country music on all the time. But it’s
kind of growing on me a little bit. I’m starting to listen to
it a little bit. I’m turning him on to a little hip hop, and
he’s turning me on to a little country.”

But the freshmen still possess distinct differences, such as
their approach toward University co-eds.

“I’m doing fine,” Cook said.
“T.J.’s got a ‘wife’ back in Howell, so
he’s not too worried about the ladies.”

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