The Department of Public Safety is suggesting students be particularly cautious after two men entered an East Quad Residence Hall room Saturday night and assaulted an 18-year-old female student. DPS has categorized the crime as home invasion and felonious assault.

The men entered the partially-opened door of the victim”s room around 7:40 p.m., after her roommate left.

“The next thing I know there where two of these random guys,” the victim said. “I thought they had the wrong room or something.”

Both were wearing black gloves and one put his hands over her face and mouth, she said.

The other pulled out a gun, she added.

“I was squirming to get away,” the victim said. After she stopped struggling, the man with the gun “put his gun away and pulled out a roll of duct tape.

“They were just standing there and nothing was happening,” she said.

After she resumed struggling, the man pulled the gun out again.

The victim said she screamed as loud as she could, but added that she did not think it was loud enough for many to hear. The men fled the scene.

The victim, a freshman, said that housing security officers responded quickly.

A similar home invasion was reported on Dec. 11, but DPS is uncertain if the two incidents are connected.

“There may be some similarities, but right now we don”t have anything that points to a connection.” said DPS spokeswoman Diane Brown.

Security at East Quad has been increased since the incident, Brown said.

DPS housing security officers regularly patrol the residence halls, and each hall is assigned an officer for the evening shift.

“I felt so safe and secure in my residence hall room,” the victim said.

“I”m really confused about why they came into my room,” she added.

DPS issued a crime alert at 9 a.m. yesterday describing the two suspects as black men less than 6 feet tall and approximately 20 years old. Both were also described as wearing dark down jackets and dark knit hats.

The victim said the men”s appearance did not appear suspicious.

“They looked a little sketchy, but not so sketchy that you would call the police,” the victim said.

“I”m really in a state of shock,” she said. “I feel shaken up.”

DPS said students should make sure they do not allow strangers into the residence halls after they exit, and report all suspicious persons in residence halls to housing security.

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