The national chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, commonly known as Pike, has issued an interim suspension to their Beta Tau Chapter at the University following controversy stemming from the rapid online spread of semi-nude photos of its members.

The photos, which featured members mostly naked with American flags, were attached to an e-mail that was sent as a party invitation to members of the Alpha Phi sorority this past Friday.

The e-mail with the photos stated that Pike members “paddle pledges because it is a comprehensive upper body workout” and that any sorority member who considered herself a “red-blooded, God fearing American girl who has a specific spring time gym routine to accommodate her summer-time jean shorts” should attend a party.

Justin Buck, executive vice president of the national Pike organization, released a statement on the organization’s website condemning the actions of the University chapter, stating that they were “in violation of Fraternity Standards.”

“Countless undergraduate and alumni members throughout our organization have contacted the office voicing their displeasure,” Buck wrote. “The Fraternity is taking this situation very seriously.”

Buck added that the national chapter was working with the Interfraternity Council, the governing body for fraternities at the University, to “implement appropriate punitive and educational conditions for the chapter.”

The IFC met Monday night to begin discussing what actions, if any, to take against the fraternity, University spokesman Rick Fitzgerald said. No members of the IFC or the Beta Tau Chapter of Pike could be reached for comment Tuesday evening.

Two websites with broad national readership — Jezebel and BroBible — posted articles about the photos and e-mail.

BroBible writer Andy Moore said the actions of the national chapter were an “overreaction and blatant abuse of the national fraternity’s power.” He added that he believes both the photos and e-mail are harmless and humorous.

“The photos were hilarious, a clear turn of gender norms that showed the guys could ‘objectify’ themselves without asking the women to do the same,” Moore wrote.

Jezebel contributor Lindy West wrote that the actions of Pike, while not all that offensive, showcased the immaturity of some college-aged men, especially those in Greek life.

“Obviously this is not a big deal, in the scheme of things, but I think it’s worth reiterating to the young men of America that not everybody is interested in your penis.”

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