Dem Franchize Boyz is another Southern rap group trying to
popularize its style in the mainstream. Unfortunately, their
self-titled debut is a poor representation of Atlanta. They have no
lyrical talent, all the songs sound the same and become redundant
after four tracks. The only redeeming quality is the bass-heavy
beats that inspire listeners to get hype, but even those become

Glamorizing their ghetto lifestyle of drinking, fighting and
dealing drugs, the album has no substance. All of the hooks are the
group chanting together at the top of their lungs. The songs run
over five minutes because all four members try to rap a full verse.
After three minutes, the listener begins to lose interest. After
four minutes. he becomes totally disenchanted and will no doubt
make a mad dash to the skip button. “Where I’m
From,” inspires rowdiness with a decent beat, but Dem
Franchize Boyz’s trite lyrics ruin what little enjoyment
could be gained from the track. “White Tee,” the first
single, is the best song of the album because of the strong club
beat. The group has enjoyed a bit of fame from the single, but
disappointment is soon to follow.

It’s time for Dem Franchize Boyz to head back to school
and take some lessons from the king of crunk, Lil’ Jon, who
has limited lyrical talent but keeps the crowd excited with jumping
bass lines. They need to stop pretending to actually be rappers and
stick to making people dance.


Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

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