In the first — and hopefully last — episode of “Jonny Zero,” Jonny Calvo (Franky G) is released from jail after four years of hard time. It appears that prison has taught Jonny something about life. He is now a changed man, resolving never to slip back into his seedy life as a bouncer and criminal. But from the moment he steps out of jail, Jonny is dogged by the life he yearned to leave behind. Pursued by a band of disgruntled gangsters. With no job and no place to live, Jonny turns to new friend and hip-hop guru, Random, for shelter. In him, Jonny finds an endearing and supportive sidekick.As the episode progresses, Jonny is slowly pulled back into his old world of crime and sleaze. While helping Random set up for a DJ gig, Jonny is asked to find the lost daughter of a money-laundering used-car salesman, which, naturally, will help lead him down the long, lonely path toward personal redemption. By the premiere’s end, Jonny has become a muscle-bound supercop, solving mysteries and beating up bad guys with his bare hands. Not only is the show’s plot horribly contrived, but also the performances in the show are some of the worst ever seen on primetime television. Jonny Calvo’s indeterminable accent is vacant for long periods, which actually turns out to be a good thing. On the rare occasion that it actually makes an appearance, audiences will cringe. Then there’s the chemistry, or lack thereof, between Random and Jonny. There is no emotion between them, which removes any semblance of a close friendship. There was opportunity, albeit little, and it was squandered.Perhaps the worst aspect of Fox’s new program is the horrendous camera work. Each scene is filmed with a grotesque orange filter, rendering individual shots difficult to watch. In addition, it is painfully obvious that “Jonny Zero” is trying too hard to appear trendy. This is especially evident in the action sequences when the rapid movement of the camera lends a nauseating effect to the unfolding events. It makes the viewer dread even the possibility of exciting violence, usually the only redeeming quality in a bland cop show.All in all, “Jonny Zero” promises to be a truly forgettable experience. It is a show without defining features. The plot is dull, the premise is clich

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