Oh joy, another “reality” show. Just counting network TV, Fox”s “Boot Camp” brings the total to six that have been on in the past year (the seventh is NBC”s “The Weakest Link” which debuts in April). With the pending writer and actor strikes, this may just be the first wave.

You”re probably wondering, what sets this show apart from the rest? Why should you watch this show over “West Wing” or “Blue”s Clues?” Will it be a worthy successor to Fox”s smash-hit “Temptation Island?” Or will it fall off the already crowded Fox network of “Train Wrecks?”

16 people have been selected to go through boot camp with real boot camp instructors to compete for $500,000. Among the cast are a balloon sculptor (that”s an actual job? Good god), an art teacher, a pig farmer, a town sheriff, a college student, and the obligatory actress. Along the way, they”ll have to go through eight episodes worth of the type of physical and mental torture that promise to make the immunity challenges on Survivor look like a trip to Disneyland.

One of the missions, named R.E.B.E.L (RECON and Evasion Behind Enemy Lines), has the 16 competitors moving into hostile territory, traversing a mine field without touching the ground, deactivating the mines, and doing it all within two hours. Another objective, referred to as R.A.D. (Rappel And Destroy), has recruits infiltrating enemy land, rescuing POWs, rappel out of the building and blow up an enemy watchtower. They have only 45 minutes to complete all the objectives.

But will the show be any good? To avoid being another “Big Brother,” they”ll need compelling contestants. People such as the bathing beauty Elisabeth Filarski (gentlemen, she”s taken, calm down) are what make “Survivor” the hit it is. If anything, this show will be a nice escape for the wannabe soldier who would never make it in the real armed forces. Will it attract anyone else? Considering Fox is only putting up a $500,000 purse as opposed to “Survivor”s” cool one million, it appears they are not too sure about the ratings either.

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