While trying to get an Oreo in your mouth from your forehead using only your face muscles may seem unorthodox for most University events, it’s exactly what Camp Bradford called for when rain struck earlier today.

Camp Bradford, held in West Quad, raises money to hold a one-day camp each summer for underprivileged children ages 10-18 who may not be able to afford Wolverine Camps. The other part of its budget is devoted to sending at least one child to overnight camp the following year.

This year, for Camp Bradford’s fourth year, it raised about $1000 — enough money to fund the day as well as send a female camper to a Wolverine Camp next summer, according to Kierstdea Furey, Camp Bradford’s activities coordinator and LSA Junior.

Furey’s job was to plan the day for campers, much like the Oreo game.

“We planned it so that way kids could be outside and inside in case of rain and weather,” she said.

Furey explained that they started off the day with tie-dying T-shirts donated by Underground Printing, one of Camp Bradford’s partners.

“Tie-dye was the first thing that kids love to do,” Furey said. “The counselors like to do it, too.”

There were only 14 campers today, but Furey hopes to see the number of campers grow in the future.

“In the past we haven’t had good communication from year to year, which is why it’s something we’re really focusing on this year to make sure that these kids know about it next year,” she said.

She added that the counselors this year are making a binder to pass on to next year’s staff to help them have a smooth transition.

Fundraising Chair Angelena D’errico said Camp Bradford’s goal for next summer would be 40 to 50 campers, after improving awareness and fundraising.

She said while this year’s camp was less than ideal size-wise, they couldn’t have held the camp without their fundraising events and their partnership with Domino’s Pizza and Underground Printing.

“We had a fundraiser with Buffalo Wild Wings and we made a lot of money off of that,” D’errico said. “Domino’s has been so supportive all summer … we owe them tons.”

D’errico said she and the other counselors will stay involved at least through the choosing process of the student they’ll send to overnight camp next summer. She explained that they’ve sent a boy in previous years and plan on sending a girl next summer.

“We’re going to reach out to high schools and YMCAs and see if they have an outstanding woman athlete who would like to come to camp but maybe couldn’t afford to come to camp here,” she said.

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