“I first started seeing dreams when I was six,” said Jacey, a psychic who wishes her last name be witheld. The events occurred infrequently at first, but as she got older, the dreams would reflect real life events in a matter of days, she said.

Paul Wong
Students curious about what the future holds for them sometimes have their palms read.

From tarot card reading to yoga, Jacey specializes in psychic reading. Located at 1720 S. State St., Jacey’s Psychic, Palm and Card Reading provides a variety of services from tarot card reading to yoga.

Jacey’s mother was a psychic, so she immediately knew that these dream sequences were more than images that coincidentally repeated themselves. Jacey’s dreams, instead, illustrated real pictures of the future. Her mother helped Jacey start her first business when she turned 16. Jacey practices full time now in the space of her own home.

Jacey’s clients come from all different age groups, some as old as 80. She meets many students as well as adults in numerous business fields. A mortgage banker who wished to remain anonymous said he always finds satisfaction in her work. A client for more than a year, he seeks Jacey’s services about twice a month.

“She has practiced all readings on me, but mainly we meditate.”

Many of her clients find Jacey’s services stress-relieving and fun. Organizational studies senior Reen Shukla received a tarot card reading for her 20th birthday two years ago.

“Jacey told me a mixture of general and not-so-general things about myself. She predicted that I would marry at 25 and have children that same year. Anyone could have told me that, but then she said that I wanted to do something with teaching, which was true,” Shukla said.

Shukla had her palm read two times before seeking Jacey’s services, both of which told her she would marry when she was 28. Mixed predictions between psychics represent the unreliability that often comes with different readings, said Tom Harris, a researcher for howstuffworks.com.

“The biggest problem with a lot of ESP research is it isn’t reproducible. That is, one scientist may get results that another scientist can’t get by replicating the experiment with different subjects,” Harris said. “Reproducible results are essential to the conventional scientific method, so many scientists discount any irreproducible data no matter how credible the source.”

Shukla said her reading from Jacey told her she was a laid back person who became intense in certain situations. She said she was going through relationship problems, all of which were accurate statements.

Palm readings cost $25 while tarot and psychic readings are priced at $45 and $65 respectively. Jacey occasionally offers specials in which two different readings may be charged for the price of one.

Though every psychic reading is different, many of the same questions are asked. The most commonly asked question concerns marriage dates and proposals, Jacey said.

She added not every fortune reading is 100 percent accurate. Still, she says, “I’ve had more satisfied clients than upset ones.”

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