People Magazine staff members and several female University students officially agree on something – former University football player and student Tom Brady is beautiful.

Brady was named one of the magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People, joining the likes of actors Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz and Josh Hartnett.

Brady attended the University from 1996-2000. During his time playing for the Wolverines, he went from a backup player in the 1996-1997 season to team co-captain in the 1999-2000 season. With the help of Brady’s leadership, the Wolverines beat Alabama in the Orange Bowl that same year. He graduated with a degree in organizational studies.

In 2000, Brady became the New England Patriots’ seventh round draft pick. He is presently quarterback for the team and became the youngest NFL player to be named most Valuable Player for the Super Bowl earlier this year.

Although there is no scientific method of selection for the list, a spokeswoman from the magazine said editors look at the year’s most popular celebrities, while also receiving suggestions from readers.

“(Brady) stood out from the rest. … He’s had a great year,” the spokeswoman said. “Everyone thinks he’s so good-looking.”

According to the article, with three older sisters, Brady was often the victim of makeovers. Now, he avoids makeup, complaining that at a recent photo shoot “they started putting makeup on my arms!”

His grooming routine consists of “taking showers. That’s it,” Brady told the magazine.

Fans feel Brady deserved to be on the list.

“I wasn’t surprised he made the list,” LSA junior Anne Williams said.

Williams said that while she is a fan of Brady and the Wolverines, she does not have a favorite physical attribute of him because she first noticed him for his football skills. “His looks are just a bonus,” Williams said.

Brady is the only NFL player out of four athletes on this year’s list. People Magazine said NFL players have historically been included in their selection. “We look at anyone… who came to the forefront,” said the magazine’s spokeswoman.

Patriots’ spokesman Stacey James said Brady’s teammates will be “razzing” him for making the list.

Brady and the rest of the Patriots are currently on vacation and were unavailable for comment.

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