University alum Matthew Vlasic pled guilty to charges filed against him for his role in damages occurred during Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity’s January ski trip to Treetops Resort, which took place when Vlasic was a senior. The resort has estimated damages to cost more than $430,000.

Vlasic appeared in 87th District Court on Wednesday, facing a charge for malicious destruction of property, which is a one-year misdemeanor charge. Two other members, former fraternity president Zachary Levin, and former treasurer Joshua Kaplan, both rising Business juniors, were also charged with vandalism and serving minors alcohol.

Sentencing for Vlasic is still pending.

Otsego County prosecutor Michael Rola issued 30-day misdemeanor charges against Levin and Kaplan. The pair turned themselves in to the Ann Arbor Police Department on March 25.

Following January’s ski trip, the University’s chapter of the fraternity was disbanded and permanently closed by its international board of directors.

A letter from Sigma Alpha Mu’s executive director Leland Manders was sent to University chapter alumni. Manders cited poor legal and parental counsel as factors contributing to the fraternity’s disbandment.

He also said fraternity members did not cooperate with University officials and law enforcement by refusing to name individual members involved in the vandalism during the trip.

Last month, Treetops Resort announced their plants to sue individual fraternity and sorority members who attended the skip trip. More than 200 members of Sigma Alpha Mu along with members of Sigma Delta Tau sorority were present that weekend.

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