Former Daily Editor in Chief Jon Schwartz was arrested early last night for allegedly burning the publication that he once helped lead.

Paul Wong
Photo courtesy of AAPD mugshotographer

Schwartz was just one of many members of Seniors Allied for a Better Daily?!?!?!?! who were seen burning newspapers and causing a ruckus outside the Student Publication Building last night. The group, led by Schwartz, took over the building shortly after 4 p.m., demanding better treatment of seniors, including a yearly report on the treatment and discrimination of Daily seniors both inside the building and in the paper.

Officers from the Ann Arbor Police Department found Schwartz burning papers at approximately 6:30 p.m. last night. According to police reports, Schwartz was drunkenly screaming “Fuck the Daily!” while holding a burning paper, which he then through to the ground. Schwartz then began dancing haphazardly around the papers.

AAPD reports state that when officers walked up to him and demanded to know what the hell he was doing, Schwartz yelled obsceneties at them.

“It’s my paper! I can burn it if I want to!” Schwartz reportedly told officers.

AAPD Caption Joe Piersonte said Schwartz then ran into the building, with his hands above his head screaming “whooooo!!”. The next thing Piersonte remembers was seeing Schwartz standing in a Michigan Daily window holding a printer over his head. Piersonte said Schwartz then threw the printer out the window. It killed a squirrel.

Officers arrested him for open intoxication, miscellaneous destruction of property and first-degree squirrel murder.

“It was intentional,” AAPD Caption Joe Piersonte said. “He aimed at that poor squirrel and laughed his ass off.”

If found guilty, Schwartz, who has previously been convicted of both counts, could receive up to 15 years in prison.

Records show that in December 2000, Schwartz was arrested for “whipping it out” in front of several women standing outside East Quad Residence Hall. He received a $500 fine and probation for that incident. He was also arrested for spray painting a University building in Sept. 1999 during fraternity rush.

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