University football players Markus Curry and Carl Diggs each recieved bullet wounds while at the corner of Madison Street and Fifth Avenue early Saturday morning. The gunman fled with three others before police arrived at the scene minutes later.

Paul Wong
Paul Wong

Ann Arbor Police Department Sgt. Michael Logghe said Curry, a Kinesiology sophomore, was shot in the back while Diggs, a Kinesiology junior, was shot in the leg. Both were driven by friends to University Hospital.

The scene of police cars and shocked bystanders that gathered on Madison and Fifth after the shooting was the horrible ending to an average Friday night filled with partying – and fighting.

“About 11:30 (Friday night), we got a call to a party in the 200 block of Packard. We were called because of a fight, but when we got there, the fight was already over,” Logghe said.

The reasons the fight began are unknown, Logghe said. After officers arrived on the scene, they broke up the party of about 100 people. The partygoers dispersed from Packard Street, but a crowd began to form at Madison and Fifth, Logghe said.

Members of the crowd included four people who police believed were involved in the fight, as well as Curry and Diggs, who Logghe said did not participate in the altercation.

One of the suspects from the fight pulled out a gun and began shooting. Only Diggs and Curry suffered injuries, Logghe said.

Logghe said officers are still investigating the reasons behind the shootings.

Assistant Athletic Director Bruce Madej said Michigan coach Lloyd Carr was at a Big Ten Conference in Florida Saturday. He was informed about the situation and returned to Ann Arbor that night.

Diggs was released from University Hospital early Saturday morning, a hospital spokeswoman said. Curry’s stay was longer.

Madej said yesterday that Curry is in “good condition.”

A hospital spokeswoman said that Diggs was released from University Hospital early Saturday morning. Curry stayed overnight and surgeons removed the bullet later that day.

Curry’s brother Julius, a Kinesiology senior and a member of the football team, said Markus was released from the hospital at around 10:00 Saturday night.

“He’s just relaxing right now in his bed,” Julius said, adding that Markus has been up and walking, but that it is still unknown how long it will take him to fully recover.

Julius also said his brother has not fully discussed the events of Friday night and Saturday morning.

“We really didn’t talk about everything that happened because … he’s more focused on recovering,” Julius said.

Several witnesses who live in the area recalled the scene that unfolded outside their houses.

East Madison resident Jon Hommer was inside at the time of the shooting, but said he heard five or six popping sounds. Most people in the area said they assumed the sounds were firecrackers, not gunshots.

Rackham student Dmitri Williams said he saw someone from the party earlier was hiding at the intersection, waiting for Curry and Diggs to walk by.

“There were two quick pops and then four of five shots a second after that,” Williams said.

Julius Curry said his brother also did not realize that the suspects had a gun.

“He didn’t even see the guy who shot him,” Julius said. “He didn’t know the guy had a gun. He didn’t know he was hit. He just hit the ground, thought it was his leg. He didn’t know he was shot in the back until he got to the hospital.”

Julius also said Markus did not know the group of people who possessed the gun, but had “seen them around before.”

“We don’t know who they are or why they are there,” Julius said, adding that it is not uncommon for unknown people to attend house parties. “Of course you just accept everybody into your house … but they came there with different intentions.”

As of last night, the suspect in the shooting remained at large, Logghe said.

Curry is a cornerback for the football team. He was temporarily suspended in November for domestic assault charges against his girlfriend. Carr reinstated him after he received one year probation in February.

Diggs is a linebacker who played in all 12 games last season.

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