There are two things that I can’t live without: Football and “The Simpsons.” When these two elements combine, they have a power so great that no mortal can withstand them. And thanks to Homer being a huge football fan, we are treated to several Simpsons’ football commentaries.

Paul Wong
Jeff Phillips

A clever reference will bring the house down on a Football Saturday. Here are my four favorite football references followed by an explanation, which should give the novice a good start.

They are in no particular order, because picking your favorite Simpsons’ moment is like picking your favorite child.

n Announcer: This could be the most remarkable comeback since Lazarus rose from the dead!

Homer: Laza-who?

The announcer, who is meant to be ABC’s Keith Jackson, is voiced by Harry Shearer and is the show’s announcer for everything from the Olympics to college football. While Jackson only works college football games (and now, after his “retirement” only Pac-10 games) the message is still the same: Announcers use hyperbole. If you don’t believe me, tune in to the next game with Brent Musburger on Saturday or the next Sunday night NFL game with Mike Patrick and you will see what I am talking about.

On another level, the announcer is like Dennis Miller, leaving less-knowledgeable viewers scratching their heads.

n Brockman: Big game fever is reaching a fever pitch as the fevered rivalry between Springfield U. and Springfield A&M spreads like wild-fever. This is writing?

Intern: I’m sorry Uncle Kent; I lost my thesaurus.

Brockman: “My thesaurus” … you’ll lose more than … In preparation for the big game, Springfield Stadium has caught additional seating capacity fever.

How many times do you watch the evening news and the local sports guy says something like this? Plenty. These hacks have about two minutes to fill and they barely fill it. But I digress … the point is that leading up to the game, both the players and media drop sports clich

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