Seth Bernard stole the show with songs about chicken-killing children and Mother Jones.

He wasn”t even trying, it was all natural charisma.

And Bernard had plenty. He seemed to an opener for two other acts, Katie Geddes and Edie From Ohio”s Robbie Schaefer, even though the three sets were each 30 minutes.

However Bernard, the former Michigan student-turned-folk musician basically had the crowd, almost unconsciously, from the beginning of the show. He cemented this affection in the second half, when all the musicians backed each other up on stage.

His half hour solo set was highlighted with spoken word tangents on the “individuality” of people and snowflakes. He played everything from original waltzes with a champion fiddler friend to energetic folk and a beautiful cover of “Let It Be.”

Although Geddes” show was not extremely noteworthy, Robbie Schaefer was also a stand out performer. His guitar skills were a highlight and his interaction with Seth during the final jam session was quite humorous.

He commented that he never thought “that Seth would be sitting next to me at The Ark blowing me off the stage,” when he met him two years ago, as a fan, at an Eddie From Ohio gig.

The show defiantly pinnacled in the second half, as each artist did his/her own songs with the other artists backing them up. Most noteworthy were Seth”s “Yeah Yeah, Baby Baby” and “Talking Blues,” Robbie”s “Jerusalem” and the joint finale versions of “This Land is Your Land” and “Here Comes The Sun.”

Maybe it”s the magic of The Ark that provides joy and contentment. Maybe it”s something about the crowd. I happen to think that on the first though, it was all about Seth.

Yeah yeah, baby baby.

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