The Ditty Bops win. With their self-titled debut, they warm the
coldest heart and make even the darkest days a little bit

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Through some strange twist of fate, their unique and nostalgic
brand of folksy throwback melodies is refreshing and uplifting,
instead of derivative and obnoxious. While not noticeably different
from the typical drivel on National Public Radio, the intangibles
have all come together for the Ditty Bops, and their harmonies,
lyrics and plain-old adorableness make for a comforting and
delightful listening experience.

This injection of modernity into an older style of music is not
a new idea; it just works incredibly well on this release. By not
striving too hard to be original and by having a strong sense of
what they are about, The Ditty Bops made an enjoyable little album.
While it could be viewed as being self-indulgent or meandering, it
is undeniably listenable.

The songs themselves are fairly solid and the sequencing is
spot-on. On the first half of the album, the tacks “Walk or
Ride” and “Ooh La La” offer a quick introduction
to the more traditional side of the Ditty Bops and show that there
is an appreciation for older folk styles. The fun really starts
with later tracks like “Four Left Feet” and “Wake

The instrumentation is lush and well-produced. Although not
particularly inventive or challenging, the straightforward sound is
agreeable, since it allows the focus to remain on the bright vocals
of singers Amanda Barrett and Abby Dewald.

The Ditty Bops greatest success is that they do not try to make
this album revolutionary. The charm lies in both its insignificance
and its simplicity. The album is pleasant, and it has no intentions
of transcending that level.

By combining youthful exuberance with old-world sensibilities,
The Ditty Bops have championed a sound that is different and
exciting. The lyrics are clever; the delivery is succinct, with the
overall album so cozy it will practically tuck listeners in and
even make them breakfast.

Rating:  3.5 out of 5 stars

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