Saturday, noon to 6 p.m.

On the Diag

Tired of your classmates annoyingly shoving flyers in your face every time you pass through the Diag? This Saturday, those persistent peddlers will be nowhere in sight. The Diag will instead be taken over by an array of performers ranging from rappers to poets when F.O.K.U.S. presents “Vanguards.”

F.O.K.U.S. (Fighting Obstacles Knowing Ultimate Success) is a multicultural student-run organization dedicated to “uniting the student body using art as a common medium.” To that end, it’s put together “Vanguards,” a block party for the entire campus.

The event’s promotional mixtape, Vanguards Sessions: Volume One, features artists from New York and Chicago as well as Ann Arbor, all of whom will be performing Saturday. From start to finish, the compilation sounds great, and it’s an eclectic track list: New York rapper Gist, local rapid-fire MC Buff1 and gospel singer (and University student) Brandon Littlejohn. Other scheduled performers include local acts like Belikosa and The Macpodz, a jazz quintet.

If the stellar mixtape is any indication of the live show, fans are in for a treat. Last year’s spectators were treated to a diverse group of poets, dancers and other talented performers, including rap duo Slum Village, and students can expect more of the same this year. In addition to music acts ranging from gospel to rap, University dance groups like Climax and Dance2XS will be performing. The dance groups as well as the poets will be holding workshops, which, along with the food and games, will be free.

Aside from showcasing talent, the purpose of Vanguards is to bring the University’s student body together. Yes, it will probably be chilly, but at least for a few hours, a diverse group of performers will be heating up the afternoon.

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