A recent survey of British mobile phone users confirmed what many students on campus have known for a long time: The text message is central to the modern dating scene. The survey, conducted by the website uSwitch.com, found that flirtatious texting, or flexting, was pervasive in the UK. And men and women have sometimes dramatically different approaches to courtship in 160 characters or less.

R U FREE 4 A D8?

According to the survey, men are more efficient when it comes to arranging a date. It takes the average man five text messages to secure a date for the evening while women take six text messages to do the same.


How long should you wait to respond to a crush’s text? The survey found that men, on average, responded to a flirtatious text within an hour, while women waited an hour and 17 minutes to respond.


Texting isn’t just for arranging dates and hook-ups, though. Apparently nearly 6 million Britons had been dumped via a text message.

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