Michigan football player Larry Harrison was arraigned by a magistrate of the 15th District Court on four felony charges of indecent exposure Monday morning. He is expected to appear in court Jan. 12.

“The penalty on each of these four charges is one day to life (in prison),” said detective Chris Fitzpatrick of the Ann Arbor Police Department.

Harrison was previously charged with a misdemeanor count of indecent exposure. Police suspect Harrison — a 20-year-old sophomore — may be linked to 16 cases of indecent exposure dating from August to December, but he can only be identified in four cases.

“In a lot of them, he was not able to be identified because he was concealing his face with a T-shirt,” Fitzpatrick said.

According to witnesses, Harrison repeatedly gained the attention of Ann Arbor women — sometimes by throwing rocks at their windows or standing on their porches — then proceeded to expose and fondle himself.

The four alleged felonies all took place on the night of Dec. 6 and early morning of Dec. 7. Harrison was arrested and taken into custody by the police after a surveillance officer spotted him on a porch in Ann Arbor. The Dec. 6 case occurred at the 1300 block of Minerva Street and the Dec. 7 case occurred on South Division Street, Fitzpatrick said.

Although there were only two incidents of indecent exposure on Dec. 6 and 7, Harrison will be charged with four felonies because the women had seen him earlier.

Harrison pleaded not guilty during the arraignment. He has been released on bond with conditions, but Fitzpatrick could not comment on what those are. Harrison’s lawyer was unavailable for comment. The sophomore is currently registered for winter term classes.

Harrison was suspended from the football team in early December because of the charges. He started at defensive tackle in seven games, recording 24 tackles, including one for a loss. The Wolverines played without Harrison during the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day.

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