1. Fresh off her trip to India, University President Mary Sue Coleman started Thursday’s regents meeting discussing her experience abroad.

In recalling her experience at the Ross Business Conference in Mumbai, Coleman said she enjoyed meeting University alumni starting businesses in India.

“I felt like I was with a crowd of young people from Ann Arbor,” Coleman said. “It made me proud about the impact they are making in India.”

2. Coleman also introduced student leaders from MPowered, a student-led organization founded in 2007 to foster an entrepreneurial spirit on campus.

Engineering junior Chris O’Neil, president of MPowered, said these programs have the potential to place the University on par with institutions most promintely associated with entrepreneurship, Stanford University, in the minds of talented prospective students.

“We don’t want to be behind them. We want to be in the same exact sentence as them,” he said.

3. Physics Prof. Timothy McKayspoke with regents about using big data to better understand teaching and learning at the University.

“Data lets us know each student as a separate person. It gives us a chance to act on each student as an individual,” McKay said.

4. Jerry May, vice president for development, thanked the regents for their support during the launch of the Victors for Michigan fundraising campaign earlier this month. The campaign aims to raise $4 billion.

“We now have our work cut out for us,” May said.

5. Timothy Slottow, University chief executive officer, asked the board to approve an array of projects, including permission for the University to use fireworks during the 2014 Winter Classic hockey game.

6. Slottow also provided information on the University’s clarified boundary lines in Nichols Arboretum, land that was donated to the University in 1906.

“We’ve found the boundary lines were a little loose,” Slottow said.

7. The board also approved a $6 million construction project on the Athletics Campus.

The project will create a new building to centralize its operations and will be funded by Athletic Department resources.

The new site will include maintenance shops and offices, laundry, equipment storage and shipping and receiving operations to better organize athletics facilities.

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