You’re drowning in endless exams and papers now but don’t worry, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: Winter Break! It’ll be here before you even know it and if you’re at a loss about what to do with those glorious weeks off, we have some suggestions. Here are five things that you could do over break.

Binge-watch a TV show
Most of you are probably planning to do this anyway, but it needs to be stated that Winter Break is the perfect time to cuddle up in a blanket and eat copious amounts of snacks while binge-watching. Give yourself a break; you deserve it after surviving finals. “Bob’s Burgers,” “Scrubs” and “House of Cards” are just a few of the many binge-worthy shows available on Netflix and Hulu.

Read for *gasp* fun
I know you’ve probably spent most of this semester reading never-ending textbooks, but reading for fun is a completely different story — literally. Reading is so much more relaxing when it’s a gripping tale versus a detailed explanation of hydrogen bonds. Read escapist fiction filled with fluff and fantasy, pick a thriller everyone’s talking about like “Gone Girl” or grab a copy of that novel that’s been on your reading list since 2011.

Work on a project
If you don’t want to catch up on old reading lists, consider catching up on an old project or working on something you’ve always wanted to do. I plan on dusting off some old drafts and working on my personal writing projects. During break, you’ll have plenty of time to learn a new musical piece, try out a new recipe or make that complicated art project you saw on Pinterest.

We all have a habit of accumulating clutter. Winter Break’s the perfect time to throw out the junk and organize the things that you need. Clean out your closet and donate those last-minute splurges you never wore or the clothes that no longer fit. You could also sort through your old books and sell the ones that you no longer need.

Work on internship applications
This is the least fun thing on the list, but think about it this way: If you start working on your internship applications now, you’ll have less to stress about next semester. You can start by compiling a list of places you’d like to intern at. Afterward, update your résumé, polish your cover letter and contact potential references.

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