Over the years, television has seen many shows labeled “high school shows.” Disney has taken this familiar high school clique formula and given it a twist. Take “Saved by the Bell,” combine it with “Spongebob,” and you get “Fish Hooks.”

“Fish Hooks”

Fridays at 7 p.m.

“Fish Hooks” is set in an animated fish tank society, and centers around three friends: Milo (Kyle Massey, “That’s So Raven”), the loud, obnoxious and rowdy one; his nerdy brother Oscar (Justin Roiland, “The Sarah Silverman Program”), the seemingly exact opposite of his brother; and finally Bea (Chelsea Staub, “Bratz”), the drama queen who goes so far as to think her high school yearbook picture is the most important thing in her life. Together, these three friends get involved in adventures that are reminiscent of practically any viewer’s high school days.

It would have been difficult, and almost inadvisable, for Disney to create yet another high school show to sit in its line-up which consists of almost nothing else. There are too many classics from “Dawson’s Creek” to “Freeks and Geeks” and “Boy Meets World,” that it’s difficult to create something earth-shattering. But with “Fish Hooks,” its underwater location is its unique premise. The creators developed an “under the sea” aspect to the show, including the character’s names and obvious puns on marine life. Where else would someone hear a name like Clamantha?

These characters may spend their days in high school, but it’s important to remember this show is relevant beyond the high school crowd. Sure, Bea tries to steal back her yearbook photo because she thinks it will forever ruin her image, but the show is very kid friendly. A six-year-old could watch it and understand everything that’s going on. That being said, it is hard to imagine this show having much of a fan base beyond little kids and high school students, simply because it isn’t meant for them.

For only having a 15-minute preview to go by, “Fish Hooks” does show a lot of promise. Maybe we’ve seen the themes of this show before, but Disney has made a truly original version, and hopefully it won’t fall to the bottom of the tank.

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