It’s a sketch comedy show so quirky that its creators chose the unusual path of releasing its first two seasons together on DVD instead of separate (granted, there are only four episodes in season one and six in season two). It’s “Mr. Show,” and it’s damn funny.

Paul Wong
Courtesy of HBO
Bob and David save the day.

So who are the deranged creators and stars of Mr. Show? Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, two unknown comedians who in 1995 began their four year stint on HBO. Odenkirk was a writer for “Saturday Night Live” and “The Ben Stiller Show,” while Cross, a fellow “Stiller” writer, had a bit part in “Destiny Turns on the Radio.” Soon, they gained a strong following thanks to the absurdly quirky sketch comedy and their appearances in everything from “Just Shoot Me” to “The Drew Carey Show” to “Men in Black 2.”

Going places “Saturday Night Live” and “The Kids in the Hall” would never dream of, thanks in large part to being on HBO, the duo created such infamous sketches as “The Altered State of Druggachusetts” and “Family Owned Adult Video Store.” Cross now has his own standup routine (“The Pride is Back,” highly recommended for all “Mr. Show” fans) routinely shown on HBO or Comedy Central.

The first two seasons are excellent, but don’t reach the heights of its third and fourth seasons. Season one is especially brilliant, notably the episode “We regret to inform you.” Each “Mr. Show” episode is a half hour long and contains more laughs than most sitcoms do in their entire lifespan.

Along with their two seasons worth of sketches, the two-disc set includes an entertaining array of extra features for “Mr. Show” fans.

The 10 commercials for the show, aired originally only on HBO, are funnier than most extras on other DVDs. Oddly titled and brief featurettes “Fuzz: the Musical,” “Before it was a show” and “The Best of Mr. Show: the incredible, fantastical news report” also appear. If it’s not obvious by their bizarre names, they are, like everything else on the sketch comedy series, amusing and oddball.

Dave and Bob wisely provide a commentary track on every episode, and unlike many commentaries, their thoughts are actually worthwhile to listen to while you watch. Other actors join them at times to provide more inside jokes and other information that seems to be for their own amusement. Most of their comments have little or nothing to do with what is happening on screen, but it is highly entertaining nonetheless.

“Mr. Show” is prepped to make its debut on the silver screen, with the release of their feature film “Run Ronnie Run.” The film focuses on Ronnie Dobbs, a regular character on the show who has a talent for getting in trouble with the law. “Run Ronnie Run” has been shown at a few festivals, but has yet to find itself a distributor.

But that’s not all. Coming to the Michigan Theater on Sept. 26, Bob Odenkirk and Dave Cross will performing live with new material. Many supporting actors from “Mr. Show” will join them on stage, but sadly notable guest stars such as Ben Stiller (who also saw a brilliant HBO show cancelled), Dave Foley, Jack Black and Janeane Garofalo, all of whom graced the show early on, will not be joining them for the event.

“Mr. Show” is a must for fans of sketch comedy and adult humor. You may not get it at first, but once Bob and David get their comedic hooks in you, they won’t ever let go.

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