First daughters Barbara and Jenna Bush campaigned for their
father at a rally held Saturday in the Michigan Union ballroom,
trying to heighten support and activity during the critical 72-hour
period before the election tomorrow.

The official campaign event, organized by Students for Bush and
run by the University’s College Republicans, attracted
students from both the University of Michigan and Michigan State
University. Awaiting the entrance of President Bush’s
daughters, attendees mingled and received free stickers, posters
and T-shirts.

After introductions by LSA senior Scott Foley and LSA sophomore
Anthony Sandoval, co-chairs of the University’s chapter of
Students for Bush, and Michael Plato, a state chair of Michigan
Students for Bush, Barbara and Jenna took the podium and were met
with cheering, clapping and flashing cameras.

Jenna Bush spoke first, welcoming everyone to the event and
offering appreciation for supporting her dad. Throughout their
speeches, Jenna and Barbara emphasized the significance of
political involvement by young Americans.

“Young people do care,” Barbara said. “We care
about spreading freedom around the world, and we know that a world
with more freedom is more peaceful.

“Getting involved in a political campaign can actually be
a lot of fun,” she added, thanking all who volunteered during
this election.

Many who attended the event spoke of the importance of this
election and the need to show their support for the president, such
as LSA freshman Leslie Kehoe, a member of Students for Bush.

“I want to get more involved and I haven’t been to a
rally like this before,” Kehoe said. “It is good to get
out and show that U of M isn’t completely liberal.”

In addition to promoting youth involvement, the sisters spoke of
the qualities that make their father a good presidential

“He will lead America with the same values that he brought
to the family —strength, compassion and integrity,”
Barbara said. “He believes every person has worth and

“My dad has many qualities important in a president and in
a dad: He is open-minded, down to earth and extremely
disciplined,” Jenna echoed. “And he always supports his
team until the very last pitch,” she added, evoking images of
her father’s days as the owner of the Texas Rangers baseball

At the conclusion of the rally, the sisters signed posters,
shook hands with attendees and posed for photos before leaving the

The Bush daughters will continue campaigning around the country
until election day. A rally was held at Michigan State University
in mid-September.

“It was great that they made the effort to get young
people involved in the election,” said LSA junior Megan

Ricke Stauffer, a senior in the College of Engineering, agreed,
saying, “It was pretty cool that they showed up to support
their dad. It was nice to meet someone that close to the presidency
and to see that one of the political parties actually cares about
young people, because in the past we were pretty much

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