Nearly $100,000 in damage was caused in a house fire last night
at 2321 Easy St. off of Packard Road. The fire started around 10:30
p.m. and was caused by unattended candles used during the massive
blackout that started late yesterday afternoon. No one was injured
in the blaze.

When the fire crew arrived at the scene, flames were already
shooting from the roof. The crew was able to control the flames and
prevent its spread to neighboring houses. “The house will probably
be totaled,” said Ann Arbor Fire Department Battalion Chief Chris

Also last night, more than eight outdoor furniture fires were
reported to and controlled by the AAFD. Sofas and chairs were set
ablaze between midnight and 4 a.m. Brenner said. The fires occurred
mainly along streets in the central campus area.

Brenner said the lack of electricity may have had a hand in
provoking people to start the fires.

“I think they – mainly students – were just frustrated from not
having power. They were also having a couple beers,” Brenner said.
“It was a long night for us,” he added.

Ann Arbor Police Department Sgt. Jim Baird said no arrests
related to the street fires have been made.

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