Thinking about housing already for the 2004-2005 school year?
Take the Daily’s housing quiz to find out which of four sample
residences matches your style the best!

Diana Krankurs
The Muriel Lester co-op, located at 900 Oakland Ave.
Diana Krankurs
Corner House Apartments, at 205 S. State St.
Diana Krankurs
West Quad and South Quad Residence Halls.

1. I’m willing to pay …

a.) $400-$500 a month rent

b.) $500-$600

c.) $600-$700

d.) $700 and up


2. I’d prefer to live with …

a.) No roommates

b.) One or two other people

c.) Five or six roommates

d.) More than 10 residents


3. The best location is …

a.) Close to classes and the library

b.) Near my friends’ houses

c.) Close to stores in Ann Arbor

d.) In an off-campus neighborhood


4. It’s really important (pick one) …

a.) To have my car here

b.) To live in a community

c.) To be close to campus

d.) To have easy access to food


5. The atmosphere I’m looking for. ..

a.) Is trendy and modern

b.) Is centered around community

c.) Will let me meet new people

d.) Won’t matter if I’m with friends


6. I’d prefer my neighborhood to …

a.) Be a center for nightlife

b.) House students and faculty

c.) Be close to study locations

d.) Be on Central Campus


7. I’d feel most secure …

a.) Living in a locked building

b.) Having 24-hour security

c.) Being in a student neighborhood

d.) As long as I lock my doors.



#1 a) 1 b) 4 c) 3 d) 2

#2 a) 3 b) 2 c) 4 d) 1

#3 a) 3 b) 4 c) 2 d) 1

#4 a) 4 b) 1 c) 2 d) 3

#5 a) 2 b) 1 c) 3 d) 4

#6 a) 4 b) 2 c) 3 d) 1

#7 a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 1

If you scored between 1-7: Cooperative Housing

Cooperative housing, also known as co-ops, are best for students
who enjoy living in a large community with many roommates. The
Inter-Cooperative Council is an organization independent from the
University that operates about 19 co-ops between Central and North

“When people come away from it, what they remember the
most is all the fascinating interactions they’ve had with
their housemates,” said Chris Bednash, an Art and Design alum
who works at ICC.

Students who live in co-ops pay about $440 to $490 a month for a
Central Campus house, and must contribute four to five hours of
work a week, ranging from cooking to cleaning or serving as a house
officer. Rent also includes food, utilities, Internet and phone


If you scored between 8-14: Apartment Complex

Off-campus apartments offer smaller living spaces and are
sometimes a slightly more expensive option for students. CMB
Management operates Corner House Apartments, the newest addition to
Ann Arbor housing.

“We actually have probably 25 or more e-mails of people
that have expressed interest in Corner House (for 2005) and every
year the leasing season seems to get earlier,” said CMB
employee Colin Khan.

The complex offers seven different units per floor for a total
of 62 units and laundry rooms with two washers and dryers on each
floor. Units are available at about $1,600 per month for a
two-bedroom and $2,300 for a three-bedroom apartment. Parking spots
are available at other CMB sites.


If you scored between 15-21: Residence Hall

Though many students choose to live off campus after their first
year at the University, the 16 options offered across Central and
North campuses are home to returning students as well.

Engineering sophomore Kristen Berndt lived in Mosher-Jordan
Residence Hall last year and currently resides in West Quad
Residence Hall.

“I wanted to have another year of making friends in my
dorm, and also, it’s convenient because everything is
provided for you, like meals,” she said.

Though rates vary depending on location and number of roommates,
a typical double occupancy dorm in a University residence hall is
priced at $7,030 for two semesters. Students can choose to add a
meal plan, and most complexes offer dining halls, a convenience for
most students.


If you scored between 22-28: Off-campus house

Renting a house off campus is often the most affordable, fun
option for students who wish to live with a group of friends.
Neighborhoods near Greenwood Avenue, Oakland Avenue and Linden
Street are popular areas of Ann Arbor for off-campus housing.

Ann Arbor Realty Property Manager Julie Stadelman said students
have already approached her company about signing 2005 leases.

“I’ll sign them today if somebody wants to rent a
house today. We already have had people signing leases,” she

The company owns houses throughout campus in popular
neighborhoods, like 935 Greenwood Ave. — a house that can
accommodate up to six residents. The three-story house is priced at
$2950 a month and offers street parking and a shared driveway.

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