Many University students find that dating is harder than it looks, and it seems to take a lot longer to develop a relationship with someone than one initially anticipates. And with a world filled with lectures, term papers and hundreds of pages of reading every week, while drowning in an overpopulated sea of 38,000 students, it’s hard to find the time and the place to meet viable prospects for a significant other.

Charles Paradis
Speed dating is a fast-paced alternative.

LSA senior Michelle Slonim agrees.

“Michigan doesn’t have a big dating culture,” she said. “There are so many single people out there.”

And like those who have given up on the house party scene, Slonim and other Hillel members are following the latest rage in the contemporary, urban courting environment: speed dating.

“It’s the most popular thing in New York,” Slonim said.

In New York and other large cities, various organizations sponsor such events at caf

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