Candidates’ campaign finance data is in for the most recent reporting period for the Ann Arbor City Council elections with combined funds for all the candidates reaching upward of $53,000.

Topping the list was Jane Lumm (Ward 2–I) with $20,875— which exceeds the $18,950 pre-election total Lumm generated in the 2011 election — raised for this last filing period, which ended on Oct. 20. Lumm’s funds are about double that of Kirk Westphal, Lumm’s Democratic challenger in Ward 2.

Money raised for Ann Arbor City Council elections through October 20, 2013.

LSA senior Conrad Brown, a third Ward 2 candidate, filed a reporting waiver, which means he expects to collect less than $1,000. Brown is an independent candidate, running with the Mixed Use Party.

Sabra Briere (D–Ward 1) will face-off against new candidate Jeff Hayner, an independent, for the Ward 1 seat. Briere collected $11,800 while Hayner collected about $2,700.

Hayner said the difference in funds is likely a disadvantage for him, but he’s still been able to reach voters and create interest in his campaign. Hayner said Briere has been able to utilize her additional resources for mailings, while he has had to do more work door-to-door soliciting, which makes it harder to inform a large amount of people.

“Instead of using $1,800-worth of postage, I’m taking a day and having all the neighbors give their neighbors a note by hand,” Hayner said. “I’m running a zero-balance campaign; I’m not going to have any debt when I’m done.”

He also noted that informing reaching voters is hard enough even with mailings, noting the relatively low voter turnout for council elections.

Other than Lumm, Westphal and Briere, no candidates exceeded $5,000 in fundraising during the period.

In Ward 3, Stephen Kunselman (D–Ward 3) collected no money during the last filing period. Kunselman also recently announced he will be running for mayor in 2014. His council seat is being contested by Samuel DeVarti, a student at Eastern Michigan University, running as an Independent for the Mixed Use Party. DeVarti has raised a total of $945 so far.

In Ward 4, John Eaton is running against write-in candidate William Lockwood, the Ann Arbor Chronicle reported. Eaton collected $2,150 during this most recent period. Campaign finance details are not available for write-in candidates.

Mike Anglin (D–Ward 5) has collected about $4,587, and is officially uncontested. Ann Arbor residents Thomas Partridge and Charles Smith have mounted write-in campaigns, according to the Ann Arbor Chronicle.

Only five of the 11 city council seats will have elections this fall, as only half of the 10 ward representatives are elected each year for two-year terms. The elections are Tuesday, Nov. 5.

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