With blue skies and temperatures reaching the mid-80s, most students are having a hard time concentrating on their studies. Despite the fact that finals begin in two days, libraries remain empty during daytime hours as most students have moved to the Diag to sunbathe, socialize and take in the good weather.

Paul Wong
Art and Design senior Ben Fife writes a story yesterday while relaxing in a tree on the Diag.

“It’s very hard to study when you see everyone on the Diag tanning and lying around,” LSA junior Matt Ross said. “You have to wonder, ‘Should those people be studying instead of throwing the frisbee?'”

LSA sophomore Christina Rukstele said finals week “doesn’t seem as stressful because of the weather. It’s just been more enjoyable because I’ve been studying outside.”

“The people watching is the best,” LSA sophomore Oanh Nguyen said.

Some students have chosen to work outdoors to escape the heat and humidity of dormitories and classrooms.

LSA sophomore Justin Ricci, reading a book outside of the Shapiro Undergraduate Library yesterday afternoon, said it’s easier to study outside and “it’s better than sitting in my room, where it’s like 500 degrees.”

The Art and Architecture Building and a number of other buildings on North Campus were left without air conditioning this week.

Ross said yesterday the worst part is having to do a paper or anything else on a computer “because the Fishbowl is a sauna today.”

Still, students have not forgotten the impending term papers and exams.

“I’m cramming a whole semester of work into two weeks,” LSA freshman Lauren Savage said, adding she was not looking forward to her economics exam.

LSA junior John Nargy said finals this year are “annoying because a lot of my grades are borderline, but honestly, part of me just doesn’t even care at this point.”

He added because he usually does not begin his studies until late at night, the weather “has not been too much of a distraction.”

LSA sophomore Cortney Debruin said for her, it seems as though one class always gets more priority than others.

Most students are simply looking forward to finishing school for the semester and leaving campus.

“I just want a change of scenery,” Rukstele said. “I feel bad for the people who have to stay in Michigan.”

Nargy said he is looking forward to going home to well-cooked meals, sleeping in and driving his car.

“I am literally counting the hours until I leave Ann Arbor,” he said.

LSA sophomore Caroline Jenkins, who studied outside in front of East Hall yesterday, said she is simply looking forward to a break.

“After eight months of slaving away at the library, I could use a vacation,” she said.

As for finals, “they suck, basically,” LSA freshman Cara Labarbera said.

But they are inevitable, leaving students this year to make the ultimate decision – stay out in the sunlight or retreat to the depths of the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library.

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