The University’s chapters of the College Republicans and College Democrats are continuing to mobilize in last minute efforts to inform students and encourage them to go to the polls with only two days left until Election Day.

Both organizations have stepped up their canvassing efforts, and are working to encourage student voter participation and education of the student body on critical issues.

Business sophomore Elena Brennan, the external vice chair of the College Republicans, said the group is working with local activists to promote voting in the Ann Arbor area. In addition to holding Diag days to reach out to classmates, they are also taking trips off campus to expand their efforts.

“The big thing we’re doing right now is having volunteers come to our (office) which is five minutes out from campus,” Brennan said. “We’re taking students every day and they can either go knock on doors or make phone calls.”

Brennan said the College Republicans have continued to inform potential voters on the stances taken by each candidate, and explain the language of the ballot proposals that can occasionally be confusing.

“A lot of students are confused about what the actual stances are, whether it be on the economy or social issues,” Brennan said. “So we’re informing people. We’re informing them about the candidates and about the six Michigan ballot proposals, which is really important because a lot of people don’t take the time out to really understand how (the proposals) are going to affect them.”

Similarly, College Democrats is busy reaching out to students and the community. LSA senior Lauren Coffman, the communications director of the College Democrats, said they are less focused on persuasion and education and more heavily emphasize getting their supporters to the polls on Tuesday.

“The last four days before the election, our campaigns are really focused on getting out the vote,” Coffman said. “We had persuasion earlier in the election cycle, but these last few days (are) really going to be about making sure those people we’ve already persuaded are getting out there and making their voices heard at the ballot box.”

She added that College Democrats is holding an Election Eve rally at 8 p.m. Monday with speakers including Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D–Mich.) to U.S. Rep. John Dingell (D–Mich.).

“The event should be a lot of fun,” Coffman said. “We will also be sending people out with promotional material afterward to make sure that they make their voices heard across campus and to get them pumped up for voting the next day.”

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