Die Another Day And the Daily’s vote for who next should assume the role of James Bond is … (drumroll) … no, not Hugh Grant … but Clive “BMW films” Owen. Not the most popular choice and a little creepier than the normal Bond but he is British, I think. At Showcase: 10:40, 11:10, 1:00, 1:30, 2:05, 3:45, 4:15, 4:55, 6:45, 7:15, 7:45, 9:35, 10:05, 10:35, 12:10 (Fri. and Sat.), 12:40 (Fri. and Sat.).

The Emperor’s Club Just when the public criticizes Hollywood for not being original enough, they create a very unique film with a few “homages” to “Dead Poet’s Society,” “Mr. Holland’s Opus” and about a million other films exactly like this one. At Showcase: 11:25, 1:55, 4:25, 7:25, 9:50, 12:15 (Fri. and Sat.).

Friday After Next The trilogy’s concluding episode finally arrives, and Ice Cube’s Craig would be right up there with Obi-Wan and Gandalf if it wasn’t for Chris Tucker’s early exit from the series. Smokey promised to quit, but we thought he meant the weed. At Showcase: 11:05, 11:35, 1:05, 1:35, 3:05, 3:35, 5:05, 5:35, 7:05, 7:35, 9:10, 9:40, 11:15 (Fri. and Sat.), 11:45 (Fri. and Sat.)

The Grey Zone Is that how you spell that color? Somone should talk to the filmmakers because if you can’t spell, you probably can’t direct. At Madstone: 1:45, 4:15, 7:15, 9:30.

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