With her tiny “Survivor” tank tops and skimpy shorts, Elisabeth Filarski (“the hot one”) keeps the little boys and the wrinkled old men tuning in every week. The last real episode of “Survivor,” on March 14, was the most watched program in the country with a Nielsen rating of 16.6. What a coincidence. That is the show Elisabeth stood out in the cold all night.

Paul Wong
Courtesy of CBS

Guys have fallen in “love” with this show icon. They have obviously overlooked the fact they will never even meet this girl or have a chance in hell with her if they did. Filarski has done everything she can to unite the Kucha crew. With her upbeat personality and team concept learned from her softball days, she is everyone”s MVP of the tribe.

A CBS.com poll lists Elisabeth as the most “loved” character of the cast with an 8.8 rating out of 10. Yet she is still one of the least likely remaining characters to become the ultimate survivor because of Kucha”s situation. Although there is only one tribe, former tribe ties are very strong. And in case you haven”t noticed, there are now two less members of the Kucha tribe after two rounds with one tribe. Ogakor seems on their way to simply vote all former Kucha members off, Elisabeth included. She also simply can”t compete with guys like Colby who are much stronger than the petite Filarski.

The presence of Elisabeth, while probably coming to an end, dominates the show. While the camera is on Filarski, the audience ignores everyone else. Every second the camera is away from Filarski, male viewers impatiently wait for the camera to find her again. Did anyone even realize what was going on while Mike”s hands were shriveling up in the lake? Of course not. All eyes were on Elisabeth while she took a dip in the water. Instead of hoping for Mike to be alright, the audience was desperately wishing the water was freezing cold.

The cast members love Filarski, too. Even in his condition, Mike wasn”t going to leave the island without a goodbye from Elisabeth. Instead of frantically leaving, Mike halted his evacuation to see Elisabeth one more time. And as soon as he left, Rodger started making the moves on the emotionally fragile Elisabeth while undoubtedly thinking to himself that his chances with her had just risen.

And as soon as the show ends, Playboy will be willing to match any offer for this footwear designer to pose. According to their website, she is the fan favorite to pose for the magazine with 45,235 votes (56 percent). The next closest competitor is Amber with 19 percent of the votes (on a disturbing note, 343 voters picked Debb to pose nude).

She might be strapped for cash as a recent college graduate but it is doubtful she will pose. Not only did she graduate from Boston College, a Catholic school, she also appears to have more class and self-respect than to trade cash for clothes. Sadly, for all the reasons men admire her, I have a feeling this won”t be one of them.

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