A freshman is not pathetic, but one who needs a book to adjust to college life is. Shelve this one right into the trash.

“Navigating Your Freshman Year,” written primarily by two students at Brown and Harvard, doesn’t hesitate to look at the harsh underbelly of freshman year – boldly proclaiming what no administrator would dare reveal – the florescent lighting of dorms is horrendous, and the food can be fattening.

Nuggets of wisdom such as, “Take a walking tour . don’t be afraid to use a map,” will keep even the most experienced senior on the edge of his seat. And how would any freshman make it though the year without the sage advice to study or take a vitamin – even though, “It won’t ward off colds and sickness, but it will help.”

The book takes a shockingly dull look at dating, but does get props for using the term “sexile” correctly.

Anyone who purchased this guide probably needed the dictionary to complete his college applications. The text is dull and doesn’t even pretend to be comprehensive. Personal stories are painfully authentic, seemingly written by freshman – not a positive feature.

A book written by, students for students shouldn’t be a guide to mediocrity. Despite the pressing nature of this work, the freshman and general populace should steer clear of this train wreck.

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