BOSTON (AP) – The groundskeeper involved in a fight in the bullpen at Fenway Park expects to sue New York Yankees Jeff Nelson and Karim Garcia, his lawyer said yesterday.

“There is an investigation ongoing and it’s anticipated we’ll file a civil suit,” said Patrick Jones, hired by Red Sox employee Paul Williams.

The 24-year-old Williams was involved in a fight Saturday with reliever Nelson and right fielder Garcia in the ninth inning of Game 3 of the AL championship series.

Two Boston police officers who broke up the fight said the players attacked Williams, a part-time member of the grounds crew who also is a special education teacher in Derry, N.H.

The players contended Williams provoked them by cheering for the Red Sox in the New York bullpen.

An incident report filed shortly after the game by two Boston officers indicated police would seek assault and battery charges against the two players. Since then, police have said no decision has been made.

A copy of the police report, which was posted on The Boston Globe’s website, stated that Nelson “was observed pushing/grabbing the victim in the chest area at which time both parties fell to the ground where Jeff Nelson began punching and flaring his legs at the victim.” The report also stated that several other members of the Yankees bullpen “jumped on the victim,” and right fielder Garcia jumped the outfield wall, entered the bullpen and began “striking down at the victim with his left hand.”

Williams was taken to a hospital and treated for head, mouth, and body injuries.

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